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Lizy Tinsley 

PhD Researcher & Ecological Consultant

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I graduated from the University of Essex in 2011 with a BSc in Ecology, and later graduated from the University of Plymouth with an MSc in Environmental Consultancy. My master’s thesis looked at ‘Linking bat surveys with meteorological data: a way to target operational wind farm mitigation’ (see below). I now work as an Ecological Consultant, with a focus on bats.  After a year of consultancy work I identified my PhD research project investigating the interactions of bats with solar farm developments in the UK. The project is sponsored by my employer, WSP.


My current research focuses on the impacts of solar farm development on bat ecology. There is limited consultation as to how solar farm developments may directly or indirectly affect bat ecology. This lack of information is recognised on an international and national scale, and makes the purpose of this project particularly relevant.  The aim of my research project is to, where required, help advise appropriate mitigation for bats at solar farm sites in the UK.


Slack, G. and Tinsley, E. (2015). Linking bat surveys with meteorological data: a way to target operational wind farm mitigation. CIEEM: In Practice, [online] (87), pp.34-38. Available at:

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