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Echolocation calls of British bats

Have you ever wondered what the echolocation calls of bats sound like?


Below we have provided links to files containing the echolocation calls of British bats. The calls have been 'time expanded' so that you can hear them with your ears. Apart from that, the calls are as the bats produced them.

When you click on the name of a species, you can choose to either play a selection of its calls, or to download them to your computer (right-click in Navigator). If you choose to download the calls, the contents can be viewed in a sound analyses program such as Gram. Details of how these calls were recorded are contained in the ReadMe.txt file.

You are free to listen to and/or download any of these files. However, they cannot be used for financial gain without the express permission of Dr. Stuart Parsons. If you have any problems reading or downloading any of these files, please contact Stuart.

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